Unilux, the German Monumental product line, will set your building project apart in astonishing fashion. Crafted in a small German village, Unilux has grown to be one of the largest window and door manufacturers in Europe. The quality, ingenuity, thermal performance, and operational capacity of Unilux are truly remarkable.

Unilux features Tilt-Turn windows and doors, meaning it's hardware capabilities enable it to pull open or simply tilt in at the top. The incredible German hardware allows tilt-turn operation of single windows or doors to 4-0 x 10-6! Most wood clad windows have a maximum size of 50 square feet, whereas Unilux fixed windows can exceed 100 square feet! It is the massive frame and engineering which give Unilux the Monumental designation.

The product offering is broad and deep, with Living, Modern and Jumbo Lines. Further, the Fineline curtain wall system, presents the Architectural intent of many modern projects, while delivering astounding thermal efficiency.

By choosing Unilux to be a part of your next building project, you are making the decision to better your home’s energy efficiency, lessen its impact on the environment, and improve its resale value. As part of Unilux’s commitment to the environment, all of the woods used their window and door products are FSC certified and are finished with water based stains.

Please call or e-mail and allow us to help you better your project with Unilux Monumental products.

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